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Posts tagged "Mexico"

Young people prepare to apply for deferred deportation program

The much discussed recent changes to immigration law in the United States, whereby individuals who meet certain criteria will be allowed to stay in the country, has excited many throughout the nation. There is good cause for this excitement. One estimate provided by the U.S. government indicates that a total of 1.2 million undocumented immigrants could take advantage of the new program.

Leap year calendar mix-up strands teen in Mexico

Throughout the nation, including the Miami area, there are many who are interested in legally residing the United States. Anyone who is seeking to do this is likely aware of how difficult it is to accomplish. U.S. immigration laws are very strict, complicated and at times do not seem to make sense. A teen who was trying to follow the rules to stay in the country legally is experiencing first hand just how strict they are.

Some individuals seeking to obtain green card endure long wait

Individuals from countries throughout the world are interested in coming to the United States to live in places like Miami. There are of course multiple ways this can be accomplished legally. One of those ways is through family-based immigration. Depending on the country one is seeking to immigrate from, the wait time can vary widely.

Fewer Mexicans immigrating to U.S.

Much has been made of the passage of certain immigration bills in some southern states in this country. As we wrote about last week, the controversial immigration law passed in Arizona has made its way all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Presumably the main focus of the laws in these states, some of which share a border with Mexico, are individuals residing in the neighboring country who are making their way to the United States without authorization.