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Posts tagged "Employment Immigration"

Hiring foreign experts doesn't have to be difficult

There is a glut of educated professionals looking for work. In fact, there are numerous engineers, chemists and other professionals who would gladly work for your company. However, many of them may have been born and educated in another country. Don't let the process of international hiring scare you off from finding talent that fits precisely with your company's needs.

Update to I-9 employment forms

Florida companies who have just hired new employees or who are recruiting people for a job might want to make sure they are aware of upcoming changes to the I-9 employment form. People who have just been hired will be able to use the version of the I-9 form that was revised November 2016. This version is valid until September 2017. Anyone an employer hires after Sept. 17, 2017 will be required to use the I-9 form that was revised July 2017.

Sponsoring a foreign employee is hard - don't make it worse

Imagine you are about to lose your top employee. Not to another company offering higher wages or a better benefits package, but because their temporary work visa is due to expire. Your right-hand man (or woman) is about to face deportation and you have only one option -- help your star employee get her green card.

Understanding the diversity visa lottery process

The United States makes a certain amount of visas available for people from specific countries. There are usually 50,000 visas available each year for people from areas that have a low immigration rate to the U.S. There are very specific requirements that potential immigrants have to meet in order to be eligible for one of these limited visas. If the applicant meets all of the qualifications, he or she will be included in a lottery drawing for one of the diversity visas. However, if the applicant is not eligible, he or she will not receive a visa.

What are my rights as they relate to E-Verify? -- II

Last time, we examined how federal law requires employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all new hires -- citizens and non-citizens alike -- via the Form I-9, and how this document is submitted to the E-Verify system, a database run by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.  

How foreign entrepreneurs are making it work

When an individual makes the choice to start their own company, they know from the outset that it will take a significant investment of time, money and energy. Indeed, as difficult as the process of forming a lucrative startup can be for the average U.S. citizen, it can be even more difficult for an immigrant.

Christine Alden's commentary on H-1B visa reform featured in Miami Herald

Over the last few months, Weiss, Alden & Polo, P.A has been closely monitoring discussions on Capitol Hill concerning the H-1B visa program, which enables companies to bring foreign workers here to the U.S. to help fill the existing skills gap.