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Posts tagged "Dream Act"

Should parents of U.S. citizens be exempt from deportation?

Under the current administration, immigration agencies have been ordered to focus on deporting undocumented immigrants in Florida who pose a threat to public safety, such as those people with criminal convictions. On the other hand, young people whose parents brought them to the U.S. when they were younger than 16 are now allowed to apply for work permits and have been granted temporary exemption from deportation .

Executive Order means some students can remain in U.S.

Young people who were born in other countries but have lived in the United States since they were very small, along with supporters of the DREAM Act, likely rejoiced with the recent issuance of an Executive Order by the Obama administration regarding immigration. The Executive Order essentially suspends deportation proceedings against certain individuals who were brought to the U.S. by others when they were too young to make a decision regarding the matter themselves.

Dream Act support demonstrated in rallies throughout U.S.

Throughout the country, including the state of Florida there are individuals, who though not born in the United States, have lived here since they were children. As they grew up, they attended local schools and graduated from high schools. If passed, under the Dream Act some of these individuals would be eligible to obtain temporary residence in the U.S. Certain requirements would have to be met such as joining the military or attending college. The act is working its way thought the legislative process.