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Employment Immigration Archives

How concerned should farmers be about the future of the H-2A visa program?

While most of us assume that farming is a purely American industry, this is not entirely true. Indeed, numbers from the American Farm Bureau indicate that roughly 10 percent of our nation's farming workforce is supplied through the H-2A visa program.

USCIS, DOJ pledge to crack down on H-1B visa fraud

Sports fans are going to hear the phrase "going, going, gone" ad nauseam over the next six months given that the Major League Baseball season is officially here. Interestingly enough, this well-worn broadcaster's expression could just as easily been applied to an H-1B visa as it could a homerun last week.

H-1B visa applications for FY 2018 can be submitted starting Monday

At this time of the year, any discussion about the need to meet imminent deadlines invariably revolves around taxes, which are due in just under two weeks. As it turns out, however, there is yet another rapidly approaching deadline of which people -- particularly employers -- need to be aware: the opening of the submission period for H-1B visa applications.

USCIS temporarily suspends premium processing of H-1B visas

When employers receive the welcome news that an H-1B visa application they filed on behalf of a prospective employee was one of the lucky 85,000 selected in the H-1B lottery, it doesn't mean that the skilled foreign worker in question is automatically eligible to start working here in the U.S.

Are changes coming to the H-1B visa program?

While much of the recent discussion concerning immigration law has necessarily been focused on the absence of clarity surrounding President Trump's so-called travel ban, experts indicate that there are other areas to which his nascent administration, as well as Congress, may soon turn its attention.

When layoffs become a reality, what options do H-1B visa holders have? - II

Last week, we began discussing how the anxiety engendered by an employer's downsizing efforts is especially acute for those workers who are here on H-1B visas, as they not only have to worry about their families and finances, but also whether they need to start making preparations to return home.

When layoffs become a reality, what options do H-1B visa holders have?

Ask more than one person who has gone through the unfortunate experience of being laid off about the event and chances are very good that they'll all share a similar story. Indeed, many will likely relate how they -- and their co-workers -- were asked to gather in a large meeting space only to be informed that their employer was downsizing or "going in a different direction."

Florida analysts: Employment immigration changes on horizon

Troubling reports from the Trump transition team seem to indicate an impending shift in the way worker visas are handled in Florida and other states. The reports indicate that employment immigration tools, including H-1B visas, may be more difficult to obtain in the near future. This could mean a reduction in the number of visas that are granted, and perhaps a longer process that involves more intensive background checks.

How international athletes enter the U.S. - II

A few weeks back, our blog began exploring how it was that the international athletes who participate in some of the most popular sports -- from mixed martial arts and soccer to hockey and baseball -- are able to enter the U.S. to participate in games, matches and bouts.