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What is lawful permanent residence in Florida?

Lawful permanent residence is defined as a person who has been granted the privilege to reside permanently in the state of Florida as an immigrant. That person lives in the state in accordance with all immigration laws.

It is possible for you to lose your permanent residence status, either intentionally or by accident. Most who lose their status intentionally do so by committing certain crimes. Those who lose their status accidentally do so by remaining outside of the country for too long.

Crimes that can get your permanent residence status revoked, and you possibly deported, include any of the following that are considered aggravated felonies if convicted:

-- Money laundering that exceeds $10,000.

-- Murder, rape and/or sexual abuse of a minor.

-- Tax evasion or fraud that results in losses of $10,000 or more by the victim.

-- Owning, controlling or supervising a prostitution business.

-- Document or passport fraud.

-- Violence or theft crimes that result in punishment of one year or more.

-- Smuggling of drugs or people.

-- Counterfeiting.

There are quite a few things one must do in order to preserve their lawful permanent residence status in the state of Florida. Stating your intent to do so does not suffice in the eyes of the law.

You must continue to file your United States tax return as a resident. If you travel abroad for more than a brief trip, you must obtain a re-entry permit. Every entry you make to the United States must be done so as a lawful permanent resident.

Continue to maintain your driver's license, bank accounts and credit cards. It is also a good idea to gain membership and maintain it in social or professional organizations and groups.

Citizenship & Immigration Services also looks at your place of residence, location of family members, immigration status of your spouse and children and place of employment when determining lawful permanent residence.

An experienced family immigration attorney in Miami, Florida, can answer all of your lawful permanent residence questions.

Source: Florida Bar, "U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents Pamphlet," accessed Jan. 03, 2017

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