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Help for those in Florida seeking citizenship

Many people living in Florida and in areas across the country have a dream of being a United States citizen. Many have lived and worked their whole life in the country or had parents or grandparents who were American citizens but often believe -- sometimes mistakenly -- that there is no path that can lead to citizenship for themselves. Fortunately, the attorneys at Weiss, Alden & Polo, P.A. are dedicated to helping helping people become citizens.

Some people assume that they are ineligible for citizenship if they do not meet certain criteria. For example, they may be unable to speak, write or read English, have been convicted of crimes, failed to register with the Selective Service or have little knowledge of history and government pertaining to the United States. However, these issues, including criminal convictions, do not automatically disqualify a person from citizenship.

In some cases, a person may be unaware that they have a claim to U.S. Citizenship. This claim may be based on one's parents or grandparents. Our attorneys can conduct research in order to discover if a person qualifies for such a claim.

The path to citizenship does not have to be a lonely one in Florida. With over six decades of combined experience, the attorneys at Weiss, Alden, & Polo, P.A. have helped thousands of immigrants in their quest. We can help you gather the necessary information to demonstrate your suitability to be a U.S citizen. An initial consultation may be the first step toward meeting your goals.

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