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Helping businesses throughout South Florida with I-9 compliance

If you are the owner of a small business, you understandably want to do everything in your power to put yourself in a position to succeed. This, of course, means not only offering competitive prices, outstanding customer assistance and highly desirable goods and services, but also ensuring that the very foundation of your business is solid.

For example, one vital issue that small business owners -- or even larger corporations -- that employ foreign workers will want to ensure they address is I-9 compliance.

If you don't believe it, consider that the last few years have seen a considerable uptick in the number of visits to businesses by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency tasked with ensuring that employers are compliant with the hiring requirements set forth by the Department of Homeland Security.

During these visits, ICE officials will examine whether I-9s contain false or incomplete information, comb through other company records to ensure that no undocumented workers are on the payroll, and even speak with employees in order to learn more about hiring practices and working conditions as they relate to foreign workers.

In the event any violations are uncovered, businesses can face potentially severe penalties, including large fines and even possible criminal charges.

As alarming as all of this can seem, the good news is that there are options.

At Weiss, Alden & Polo, P.A., we have considerable experience helping businesses of all sizes throughout South Florida secure peace of mind when it comes to I-9 compliance.

Indeed, our firms provides efficient and effective representation in the following matters:

  • Ensuring that I-9s are accurate and complete
  • Making certain that E-Verify is deployed correctly
  • Facilitating the process of making "out-of-status" employees "in-status"
  • Correcting any errors or deficiencies that could result in an ICE audit
  • Enforcing your rights and protecting your interests in the event of an ICE audit or investigation
  • Negotiating penalties and assisting with necessary remedial measures

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