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Even when stays in US are temporary, visas still necessary

Generally speaking, non-immigrants who come to the U.S. without the intention of becoming a permanent resident or citizen will need a temporary visa that will be assigned depending on their classification and the nature of their visit. There are many different types of these temporary visas so it can be crucial that you know which one you need and how to apply for it.

Temporary visas are given out based on the purpose of travel. For instance, temporary visitors coming for business reasons will need a B1 visa while temporary visitors coming for pleasure will need a B2 visa.

However, there are more than just those two visas that are available for temporary visitors. There are several other categories that address the person coming to the U.S. and the purpose of the trip so it can be crucial to be aware of these.

For example, students can be eligible for a number of different visas, including J1 or FI. Business-related travelers can qualify for R1, L1, H1B and many other types of visas.

What all this means is that there are many different types of temporary visas available. However, you may only be eligible for one specific type. In order to avoid delays and legal complications that can arise, it can be crucial to discuss your options with an attorney. Likewise, if you have a visa and your plans change while you are in the U.S., you will need to know what options you may have to seek an extension or pursue and adjustment of status.

The attorneys at our law firm are well-versed in the requirements forĀ temporary and non-immigrant visas as well as the challenges that can come with securing them. We can discuss your situation as well as potential solutions to issues with you. For information on our firm and how to contact us, please visit our website.

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