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Understanding the requirements for a dependency order

There are multiple paths to permanent residence in the United States. For some young people, that route includes petitioning for dependency. We touched on this subject over a year ago when there was an influx of minors entering the U.S. unaccompanied by adults. In that post we mentioned that those individuals, many of whom came from Central American countries, might be able to secure a dependency order if they were able to show that they had been neglected, abused or abandoned.

Securing a decency order is appealing for young people since it could later allow them to apply for a green card, also referred to as permanent residency.

Recently, two teens from El Salvador and Honduras respectively, petitioned for dependency orders in South Florida. The basis for their requests was that while living in their native countries, their fathers abandoned them. The 3rd District Court of Appeals denied those requests.

The reason behind the denials is the legal requirements for a dependency order were not met. Specifically, while they may have been abandoned by their fathers, since being in the U.S., they were living with their mothers.

As is the case for many individuals seeking a green card, while this route did not work, it is possible that another one could. Because most people are not aware of the various options available to individuals seeking permanent residency, it is a good idea to seek the assistance of someone who does. While other individuals in the community may say they can help in that regard, since lawyers are held to a certain standard, the best option is usually to work with an immigration attorney.

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