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Seeking assistance in an immigration matter? Work with a lawyer

When someone from another country wants to come to the United States there are multiple ways in which this may be accomplished. Because the process is so complex it is not uncommon for those individuals to seek assistance from someone who they believe has knowledge of the system. Unfortunately, the people who immigrants turn to for assistance are not always qualified to provide advice on the matter.

In many parts of the nation, including South Florida, notary fraud is a big issue. Our own lawyer, Christine J. Alden, weighed in on the matter in an article recently published in Diario Las Americas. She was one of two attorneys who explained the reason why it does not make sense to work with a notary in an immigration matter.

First, they are not required to go to law school or have a legal background. In addition to not having legal training, they also are not qualified to represent an immigrant in front of a judge or even accompany an individual to immigration offices.

When an immigrant follows the wrong advice the consequences can be devastating. In addition to not being able to secure legal residency, in some cases they could find that the missteps result in deportation. Since the ultimate goal for most of these individuals is to reside in the U.S.—possibly with other family members—being sent back to the nation of their birth is not at all the desired outcome.

Perhaps the saddest thing about situations such as these is that when they occur, the immigrant does not have any legal recourse against the notary. This is vastly different from the course of action that can be taken against a lawyer when he or she guides his or her client down the wrong path.

Immigration lawyers are held to a high standard. Accordingly, if you or someone you know needs assistance with an immigration matter, it is a good idea to work with an attorney. For more information on immigration matters please see our website.

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