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3 roles an attorney can play in immigration cases

Immigration laws in the U.S. are enormously complicated, especially for people who are already struggling to adjust to life in a new country. Issues related to citizenship and adjustments of statuses can also create a very real sense of fear. People who are trying to secure their status in this country can be frightened about what will happen if they are arrested or at risk of being deported.

Because of all the challenges that undocumented immigrants and their families can be facing, it can be a struggle to reach out for help. However, in these situations, it can be crucial to consult an attorney. A legal representative can assist people pursuing citizenship by playing a few different and important roles.

  1. Teacher: An immigration attorney is familiar with the laws in ways that most people aren't and can help people understand what their options are and what rights they have. Being informed can be crucial in alleviating anxiety and fear.
  2. Guide: Navigating the legal and immigration systems can seem all but impossible. Even though there is a lot of information about there, figuring out what is and is not relevant to a specific situation can be a huge challenge. An attorney can help people file the necessary paperwork, meet eligibility requirements and work through the legal system while minimizing obstacles and costly mistakes.
  3. Advocate: Having someone on your side if you are dealing with citizenship issues can be crucial because it means that there is someone looking out for you and your best interests. The government doesn't typically have a vested interest in individual citizenship cases; an attorney, on the other hand can work specifically on your behalf to resolve immigration concerns.

Citizenship cases can be too big to tackle alone. People in these situations can benefit greatly from having a network of supporters, including an attorney. For information on how our law firm in particular is prepared to help people dealing with citizenship issues, please visit our Miami immigration website.

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