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June 2015 Archives

3 roles an attorney can play in immigration cases

Immigration laws in the U.S. are enormously complicated, especially for people who are already struggling to adjust to life in a new country. Issues related to citizenship and adjustments of statuses can also create a very real sense of fear. People who are trying to secure their status in this country can be frightened about what will happen if they are arrested or at risk of being deported.

How visa availability affects adjustment of status

Becoming a permanent resident of the United States can be one of the most significant events in a person's life. In some cases, it allows people to further their professional goals; in other cases, it can allow family members to be together. There are also situations when an adjustment of status means that a person will not have to go back to a country where their lives and well-being could be in danger.

Seeking assistance in an immigration matter? Work with a lawyer

When someone from another country wants to come to the United States there are multiple ways in which this may be accomplished. Because the process is so complex it is not uncommon for those individuals to seek assistance from someone who they believe has knowledge of the system. Unfortunately, the people who immigrants turn to for assistance are not always qualified to provide advice on the matter.

Study supports economic benefits of EB-5 investor program

We have discussed the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program in previous posts. These visas make it possible for qualifying foreign investors to move to the United States with their families. In an earlier post we mentioned that the program can be beneficial to not only the foreign investors, but residents of the U.S. as well. In this post we will focus on the benefits the program provides to the U.S.