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What are the benefits of having a green card?

The term green card is one that comes up quite frequently in the context of immigration. Despite its use, it is likely that many do not understand its significance. A green card is issued to immigrants from other countries who have secured permanent residence in the United States.

In previous posts we have explored some of the ways in which a green card might be secured. In this one we will discuss what having a green card can do for the person whom it has been granted.

First, when someone with a green card leaves the U.S., if it is for a period of less than a year, he or she will be able to reenter the country. In cases where someone is gone for longer than 12 months, the person with a green card will still be able to return. He or she must secure a reentry permit however.

Next, when seeking a Social Security Card, a green card can be used in the application period. Similarly, it can also be used when applying for a driver’s license. This is important since individuals who have these documents will have more opportunities than others.

Last, in the employment realm, a green card may be relevant in validating employment eligibility. It can be used to prove eligibility to work while completing the Form I-9.

For many immigrants in the U.S. securing permanent residency is the goal. To attain that goal it is often beneficial to work with an immigration lawyer. We help people with these matters. For more information please see our website.

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