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Miami a 'melting pot' of immigrants

Individuals from a variety of nations make their way to the United States each year. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, natives of the Caribbean are opting to come to the U.S. in growing numbers. Currently in the U.S. there are 3.8 million black immigrants. That is triple the amount since 1980 and it is expected that by 2060, that number will reach 11.9 million.

While Miami may be the first choice for many Spanish speakers, it is also popular for black immigrants. In fact the number of people who live in the Miami area and fit that demographic is higher than what is found in New York and Washington. Of Miami’s black population, 34 percent are immigrants. In New York and Washington, those numbers are 28 percent and 15 percent respectively.

In Miami-Dade County specifically, 70,000 residents are from Haiti. In addition, more than 28,000 people from Jamaica live there.

A Miami businessman who is himself from Jamaica believes that the reason that people from his country choose to come to the U.S. is the same as it is for people from other nations—better opportunities for a good life.

Regardless of where someone is from, it is possible that they could benefit from the assistance of a lawyer in working through the immigration process. An immigration attorney can assist with a wide variety of things including visas, green cards and citizenship. He or she can tap into his or her knowledge of the immigration system to find the best way to navigate it.

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