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April 2015 Archives

How to prepare for the US citizenship test

For some individuals the road to United States citizenship is a long one. Depending on the individual he or she could face issues surrounding among other things, child support, arrests and the failure to pay taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service. Once those matters are cleared up other things could get in the way of someone becoming a citizen such as difficulties with the citizenship test.

H-1B visa applications set record

Last month we wrote a post regarding the acceptance of H-1B applications for fiscal year 2016. In that post we indicated that petitions for the visa begin to be accepted six months before the employment start date of October 1, 2015. In this post we will provide an update on the matter.

Miami a 'melting pot' of immigrants

Individuals from a variety of nations make their way to the United States each year. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, natives of the Caribbean are opting to come to the U.S. in growing numbers. Currently in the U.S. there are 3.8 million black immigrants. That is triple the amount since 1980 and it is expected that by 2060, that number will reach 11.9 million.

Immigration lawyer can help immigrants from all backgrounds

There are many reasons why someone might want to come to the United States to live. For some it is to escape poor living conditions in their home country. For others, educational or business opportunities are the calling. In most cases it is fair to say that immigrants come to the U.S. in an effort to follow their dreams.

What are the benefits of having a green card?

The term green card is one that comes up quite frequently in the context of immigration. Despite its use, it is likely that many do not understand its significance. A green card is issued to immigrants from other countries who have secured permanent residence in the United States.

To learn about immigration options, consult a lawyer

As we have mentioned in previous posts there is more than one way that someone might be able to come to the United States to live. Multiple programs are in place that the average person is not aware of. Accordingly, it can be worth meeting with an immigration lawyer to learn about what options exist.