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H-1B applications for FY2016 accepted starting next week

In our last post we wrote about the effort that many tech companies, including Google, are making to increase the number of highly skilled workers who are granted visas to work in the United States this year. The recent visit of Google’s executive chairman to Washington D.C. was timely as H-1B petitions for fiscal year 2016 will begin to be accepted next week, on April 1. This date is six months before the October 1, 2015 employment start date.

Individuals and businesses interested in pursuing an H-1B visa for workers need to work quickly. This is because there is currently a cap of 65,000 on the number of visas available, plus an additional 20,000 which are available to individuals with an advanced degree obtained at a school in the United States.

Once complete, each petition must be filed with a service center. Which one is appropriate depends on the location of the beneficiary’s work. In addition, it is important that the application be completed correctly with a signature in black ink and the correct fee included. Necessary supporting documents should be provided as well.

Applications that are not completed correctly will be rejected. Since the past few years the cap has been quickly met, for a chance at securing the visa, there is no margin for error.

To make sure that the H-1B visas are completed correctly some find it helpful to work with an immigration lawyer. Attorneys who practice in this area of law have a thorough understanding of what is required in this type of application and can help those in the process that want to hire a highly skilled worker from another country but do not know where to begin.

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