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Ways in which to secure a green card, part 1

For those who would like to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States, obtaining a green card is important. There are multiple ways in which this may be accomplished. In this post we will discuss one of those approaches--via sponsorship from a family member. Of course not every family member qualifies for this. Only certain individuals can secure a green card using this route.

The first individuals who could qualify are relatives of U.S. citizens who are considered immediate in nature. In addition to spouses, parents of citizen petitioners who are older than 20 and unmarried children fall under this umbrella.

The second group of people who might be able to secure a green card via a family visa is a family member of someone who has already they themselves secured a green card. Here again, the family members are restricted. Only spouses and children of the green card holder who are unmarried can pursue this route.

Next, individuals who fit into a preference category who have a family member who is a U.S. citizen could potentially get a green card. The preference category includes brothers and sisters, children who are married and unmarried children who are older than 20.

Those who fall into a special category could also be successful in this pursuit. People who are widows or widowers, born to a foreign diplomat while in the U.S. or a battered child or spouse fit into this group.

Family based visas are one of several ways in which someone might secure a green card. In our next post we will focus on securing a green card through employment.

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