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Republicans in Congress aim to undo Obama’s immigration orders

In 2012, President Obama announced that he was taking executive actions on the immigration front. The president created a program, called Deferred Action, which afforded renewable work permits to many undocumented immigrants who entered the country illegally as children.

In November, he took executive action once more with an order that offered protections to millions of immigrants who are in the country illegally and have children who are citizens or residents.

However, the moves were very controversial because they bypassed the traditional legislative process that is required to approve a bill.

Upset with Obama’s actions, Republicans in Congress want to undo the executive orders that were taken by the president, and they have set forth a plan in doing so, the Miami Herald reported this week.

Funding for the Homeland Security Department expires at the end of next month, and Republicans want to use a new bill that funds the department for the rest of the budget year to block the president’s executive actions.

At this point, it isn’t clear if enough lawmakers will support the plan. Democrats are against it, and so are some Republicans who fear that the move could jeopardize other aspects of the funding bill, such as cybersecurity and counterterrorism.

President Obama also has veto power, which he could likely use to stamp out the bill.

The good news is that lawmakers have agreed not to let the finding for the Homeland Security Department expire or allow a government shutdown to happen based on the bill.

If the funding bill isn’t successful at undoing the president’s executive orders, Republicans have said that they will come up with another plan in effort to do so.

Immigrants who are relying on Obama’s executive orders will want to pay close attention over the next few weeks as lawmakers determine the fate of the orders, as well as the fate of millions of immigrants.

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