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January 2015 Archives

Some immigrants will have court date pushed back

Immigrants facing court dates regarding their immigration status are in a stressful situation. The uncertainty these individuals likely feel about their future is something that some would like to address sooner rather than later. For some immigrants in the Miami area, that date may be pushed out several years.

Bipartisan immigration legislation introduced

Immigration reform is something that many people throughout the nation are eagerly awaiting. Though there have been attempts over the course of the last few years, so far none of those efforts have been successful. This leaves many immigrants, including those in Miami, unsure of their futures.

Some Cubans fear deportation following presidential order

Though immigration is an issue that the entire country seems to think about on a regular basis, there are some issues that are geographically more relevant to certain parts of the nation, than others. For example, the recent changes regarding how the United States deals with its relationship with Cuba, arguably impacts south Florida more than it does other parts of the country.

Miami area children become U.S. citizens

When it comes to immigration matters the focus is most often placed upon adult immigrants coming to the United States. In many cases those individuals seek to eventually become citizens. Of course immigration matters pertain to children as well. In some situations they too fulfill their dreams of becoming U.S. citizens—even though they are still minors.

Republicans in Congress aim to undo Obama’s immigration orders

In 2012, President Obama announced that he was taking executive actions on the immigration front. The president created a program, called Deferred Action, which afforded renewable work permits to many undocumented immigrants who entered the country illegally as children.

Who has authority to issue H-2B program regulations?

In the state of Florida certain industries rely upon H-2B visas to provide workers to fill jobs. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website these visas are geared specifically toward temporary workers who are qualified to perform nonagricultural work. There is currently legal action pending pertaining to this program.

Same-sex married couple together again, after years apart

In a previous post we wrote about the impact the Supreme Court case Windsor v. United States had on immigration of same-sex couples. Specifically we wrote about how the decision made it possible for a member of a same-sex couple to seek a visa for a family member. In this post we follow up with a same-sex married couple who after years of being apart are finally once again together in the United States.