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President expected to make immigration changes soon

For several years now individuals throughout the nation have waited to for the federal government to make a move on immigration reform. As individuals in the Miami, Florida, area likely remember, legislation regarding the issue stalled. With midterm elections over it is widely expected that the president will take executive action regarding the matter soon. Though specifics regarding timing are unknown, the president recently indicated that he will take action before the end of 2014.

There are inklings about what the action might look like. The first thing that will probably be included in the action is a protection for individuals who came to the United States without proper documentation as children. Next, it will likely allow the parents of kids who are already citizens, to provide documentation that will keep them in the country legally. Last, those who have been convicted of a crime can still probably expect to be deported. Parole status is not expected to be expanded upon.

The Deferred Action Program that the president put into place a couple of years ago is believed to be a part of what will be unveiled. Whether the parameters of eligibility will be expanded or removed completely is not known.

Regardless of what changes to the immigration system the president puts into place via an executive order, it is likely that many people will be impacted by it. It could leave many people wondering what their options are. The best way for these individuals to proceed is probably to contact an immigration attorney for assistance.

Source: CNN, "The immigration waiting game will end soon," Kevin Liptak and Dana Bash, Nov. 14, 2014

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