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November 2014 Archives

Could new approach yield more equal distribution of green cards?

Each year people from nations throughout the globe seek to live in the United States. For many, that entails obtaining a green card. While the process of securing legal permanent residence is the same for all individuals, a recent study focused on the attainability of green cards by individuals from various backgrounds. The results indicate that the way in which the green cards are awarded may not be equal.

President provides details of long awaited immigration plan

Last week we wrote a post about the expectation that President Obama would make changes to the current immigration system. At that time we outlined some of the possible changes individuals thought the president might implement. Now, we have specifics regarding the matter.

Renewal of green card is not guaranteed

In previous posts we have focused on what needs to be done to secure a green card to live in the United States as a permanent resident. Readers should know however, that while a big accomplishment, getting that green card is not necessarily the last time that someone will have to deal with the matter. Since green cards expire after a certain amount of time, if you want to stay in the U.S. you may need to renew your green card.

President expected to make immigration changes soon

For several years now individuals throughout the nation have waited to for the federal government to make a move on immigration reform. As individuals in the Miami, Florida, area likely remember, legislation regarding the issue stalled. With midterm elections over it is widely expected that the president will take executive action regarding the matter soon. Though specifics regarding timing are unknown, the president recently indicated that he will take action before the end of 2014.

Factors that could influence eligibility for U.S. citizenship

Citizenship is the ultimate goal for many who enter the country. Last month we wrote a post regarding why someone might want to become a citizen of the United States. In that post we pointed to several of the benefits that might prompt someone who is eligible to pursue this course of action, including but not limited to, the opportunity to participate in politics and receive federal financial assistance for things such as loans for college.

Could an investment be your ticket to the U.S.?

The economy of the United States is dependent upon many factors including the status of businesses. Because of this is should not come as a surprise that the U.S. government is interested in promoting business opportunities when they are a benefit to the nation. The Immigrant Investor Program, referred to as EB-5, is one way that the U.S. government goes about doing this. The program offers investment opportunities to those from other nations in exchange for a visa to come to the U.S.