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Reasons why someone might consider U.S. citizenship

There are multiple reasons why someone who is a permanent resident of the United States might decide to apply for citizenship. Depending on each person’s specific circumstances, the reasons will vary widely.

Some of the benefits citizenship could provide affect that individual’s family. For example, someone who is a citizen can make it possible for future children to be citizens. This is because in most cases, regardless of where a citizen of the U.S. gives birth, as the child of a citizen, that child will also be a citizen. Being a citizen could also make a difference when trying to bring other family members to the country permanently. This is because those who are citizens usually have priority in this matter.

Other reasons involve the benefits that they might be eligible for. Certain government benefits are only available to citizens of the country. This also matters for those who would like financial assistance to attend college. Many federal grants and scholarships are only available to citizens of the U.S.

Citizenship also makes it possible to take part in civic matters that impact the nation. Besides being able to vote in most elections, it is a requirement to run for most local and state offices and for all federal offices such as the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate.

There are numerous other reasons why a permanent resident of the U.S. might decide to pursue becoming a citizen. Regardless of the reason why someone decides to seek citizenship, process is the same. In pursuing U.S. citizenship many find it beneficial to work with a lawyer who works in immigration.

Source: USCIS, “Should I Consider U.S. Citizenship?” Accessed Oct. 6, 2014

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