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Securing employees from other countries through immigration

There is no question that business has gone global. So too has the hunt for qualified workers. Readers are likely well aware of the difficulties some businesses experience in securing skilled workers to fill open jobs such as system analysts, financial analysts, accountants, lawyers, engineer or architects. Because of the struggles businesses throughout the nation are currently encountering in trying to fill these positions with workers from the United States, some companies seek to hire individuals from other countries.

As is the case with many immigration matters there are different ways in which a business might go about bringing a foreign worker to the United States. What they have in common is the process can be complex and involve meeting certain requirements.

Among other things, the eligibility of a potential employee from an immigration perspective must be determined. In addition, the business seeking to hire a foreign worker needs to complete a large amount of paperwork. Next, prevailing wages must be determined. The Department of Homeland Security could also pay the business a visit to verify information by meeting with people onsite.

A qualified workforce is imperative to the success of most businesses. Without that workforce a company may not make it. If your business is having difficulties finding individuals to fill jobs and would like to hire a worker from another country, an immigration lawyer would likely be of assistance in accomplishing your goals. For more information on the matter please see our page on immigration for executives and professionals.

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