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E-2 business visa the answer to some who want to move to U.S.

When someone decides they want to immigrate to the United States, there are multiple ways in which that might be accomplished in compliance with the nation’s laws. Whatever the catalyst for such a move, for some individuals, business is that ticket. Of course, depending on a variety of circumstances this will be easier for some people than others.

For example, individuals who have a history of being successful in business in the past and who are from a nation that has an investment treaty with the U.S., an E-2 visa might be utilized to accomplish their immigration goals.

An E-2 visa may be appealing to those seeking to come to the U.S., for a variety of reasons. The first reason is financial. Overall the legal cost of the process is fairly reasonable--somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. The investment needed is around $200,000. In addition, as a nonimmigrant resident, those individuals may be subject to tax advantages.

Other benefits have less to do with money and more to do with opportunity. Children of individuals who come to the U.S. on an E-2 visa can attend schools at the same rates paid by others who live here. Spouses also have benefits such as the ability to work at any job via an Employment Authorization Document. Retaining flexibility when it comes to travel is also a plus.

In addition, it generally only takes a few months to process an E-2 visa application and there is no “due diligence” required.

While there is not a clear path to green card or citizenship, as long as the business continues to thrive, the visa, which is for a period or 3-5 years, may be renewed.

Individuals curious about an E-2 visa or any other visa available to business people, a good place to start is consulting with an immigration lawyer.

Source: Forbes, “Want To Immigrate To The U.S.A.? Open A Business With The E-2 Visa,” Andy J. Semotiuk, Aug. 7, 2014

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