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Afghan Special Immigrant Visa program could expand

We have mentioned in many of our posts that there could be multiple ways that someone might be able to secure a visa to enter the United States. Some of those ways are well known by the general population. Others are more obscure which makes it more difficult for those who might qualify, to even know that the opportunity exists.

Certain individuals from Afghanistan could find themselves in this position. A vote that was recently held in the House could provide additional visas to individuals from that country who have taken steps to help the U.S. over the course of Operation Enduring Freedom. If passed, an additional 1,000 Afghan Special Immigrant Visas would be made available to qualifying individuals.

The idea behind the program is that residents of that nation, who risk their lives to help Americans, are provided an opportunity to move to the U.S. where their lives will not be at risk. In addition to the individuals who helped the U.S., often as a translator, under the visa program, those individual’s families can also move to the U.S.This situation is one of many that could arise without someone realizing it. Because the average person is unable to stay on top of developments such as this one, as is the case in any immigration matter, it is a good idea to consult an immigration lawyer for assistance. Because staying abreast of changes such as what could happen with the Afghan Special Immigrant Visas is a part of an immigration lawyer’s occupation, that individual should be able to make sure that each person is pursing the best course of action.

Source: Arkansas News, “House backs more immigration visas for Afghan translators,” Peter Urban, July 30, 2014

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