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Will immigrant driver's licenses be next in Florida?

Despite the inability for lawmakers at the federal level to make progress in immigration reform, other states, including Florida are working through their own issues. A good example of this is the recent passage of the law making it possible for those who do not have proper documentation, to pay in-state tuition for college. Perhaps buoyed by the success of that law, a Florida immigration group is attempting to make another change.

Living with Angels is seeking to make driver’s licenses available to immigrants who do not have proper documentation. This is not completely unheard of in the United States. Thus far, in addition to the District of Columbia, 11 other states make driver’s licenses available to these individuals. Also, when an immigrant has federal employment authorization, he or she may be able to secure a temporary license.

To draw attention to the matter, the immigration group recently staged a protest.

Some people may wonder why this is such a big issue for immigrants in the state of Florida. It likely has something to do with the fact that though driving without a license is illegal not having a license does not keep people from driving and if someone is caught driving without a license, he or she might find that they are facing deportation proceedings.

This is not the first time that interested parties have tried to pass a law such as this one. Just last year a similar bill was vetoed by Florida’s governor. That particular bill sought to allow the children of individuals who entered the country without documentation the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license. Whether this new push will result in a different outcome remains to be seen.

Source: Fox News, “Florida group revives call for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants,” July 13, 2014

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