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Florida governor expected to sign immigrant tuition bill

As regular readers of this blog are likely aware, for some time now there has been a discussion in the state of Florida regarding the rate of tuition immigrants residing in the state, without proper documentation, should pay. In the past, despite residing in the state, they were paying the same as individuals who live out-of-state. While the tuition fees for most colleges in the state of Florida are high, the out-of-state rate is even more cost prohibitive.

Going forward, it appears the policy regarding the tuition paid by these individuals will change.

This change is the result of the passage of a bill that was recently approved by the Florida House of Representatives. Before that, the senate passed HB 851. Though the governor has yet to sign the bill into law, it is expected that he will.

This change could have a great impact on the future of those who are living in the state without proper documentation. A lower rate of tuition could make it easier for these individuals to attend school for a post secondary education as they may be able to come up with the lower tuition payments.

While this will likely be welcomed by many immigrants residing throughout the state of Florida, including the Miami area, it of course does nothing to change their immigration status. There may be other ways to address this matter however. What, if anything can be done, will depend on each person’s circumstances and will likely require the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

Source: NBC News, ”Florida Approves Immigrant In-State Tuition Bill,” May 2, 2014

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