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Legislation might provide green cards to immigrants who join army

As we have mentioned in previous posts there are multiple ways one may secure a green card to stay in the United States. Legislation that is in the works could add another way to that list. The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee recently let it be known that he is considering adding language to the National Defense Authorization Act that would provide a path to securing a green card for certain individuals.

More specifically, the language the chairman is considering adding would make it possible for individuals who were brought into the country as children, without proper documentation, to become legal, permanent residents after joining the military.

This is not the first time a politician has attempted to add the provision to the annual military policy bill. Previously another representative attempted to add it later in the process, when the bill was on the floor of the house. Because it was not well received however, he withdrew it. This time around, if included, it is not clear if the provision will fare any better. As is the case with immigration laws in general, there is a great disagreement regarding the matter.

Only time will tell if the provision is added to the bill and then becomes law. There are already multiple ways in which an interested party might be able to secure a green card. It is possible that those who are eligible might not even be aware that they could secure a green card. Accordingly, those who are interested in securing a green card should consult an immigration lawyer.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “House Republicans Considering Military Path to Green Card,” Laura Meckler, April 3, 2014

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