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App designed to aid in push for immigration reform

Technology has infiltrated the daily lives of most people who reside in South Florida. The prevalence of mobile smartphones and tablets has resulted in the creation of apps covering nearly any topic one can imagine, including immigration matters. An app recently released focuses on making it easy for interested parties to provide their input regarding immigration matters, to elected legislators.

Called Push4Reform, the app was launched by an advocacy group called FWD.us. The founders of this group include Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. Many individuals in Silicon Valley support the group’s objective of encouraging lawmakers to take action on immigration reform. Because of the positive impact anticipated changes could have on who tech companies could hire, this support is not surprising.

Among other things, the app provides information regarding:

  • Each member of Congress’ stance on immigration
  • What each member has said publicly regarding the matter
  • How to best communicate with them

Information regarding the congressperson who represents one’s particular area is easily accessible by entering one’s zip code.

Many individuals are eager for immigration reform to be addressed. Some of these individuals would like to find a way to become legal residents of the U.S. Current immigration laws are complex and confusing. It is possible that there may already be a way to accomplish one’s immigration goals in existence that they are not aware of. While nuances of the current immigration laws may not be well known by the average person, immigration lawyers are likely aware of them. Accordingly, they are usually the best place to start.

Source: CNN Money, “Immigration reform? There's an app for that,” Laurie Segall, Jan. 23, 2014  

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