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January 2014 Archives

App designed to aid in push for immigration reform

Technology has infiltrated the daily lives of most people who reside in South Florida. The prevalence of mobile smartphones and tablets has resulted in the creation of apps covering nearly any topic one can imagine, including immigration matters. An app recently released focuses on making it easy for interested parties to provide their input regarding immigration matters, to elected legislators.

Immigration matter being considered by Supreme Court

There is no question that individuals who qualify for deferred action were pleased when the program was announced. While some undocumented immigrants residing in South Florida have been able to take advantage of the benefits this program provides qualified individuals, there are many others still living in fear of deportation. Some of these individuals may have started the process of obtaining a green card but as a result of the length of time it has taken to process their visa request, have “aged out,” and been forced to return to the country where they were born. In some cases these individuals may not have been in those countries since they were very young children.

Will state address undocumented immigrant tuition in 2014?

Not all immigration issues in the United States are being addressed at the federal level. There are some matters that individual states are in control of. One matter that is currently on the radar for the Florida Legislature is whether undocumented immigrants should be eligible for in-state tuition. Currently, individuals who fit that description can attend colleges in the state but pay four times the amount of other residents.

Will comprehensive immigration reform happen in 2014?

Many individuals who regularly read this blog are likely anxiously waiting for federal lawmakers to once again take up the topic of immigration reform. Though the matter was addressed by the Senate last summer it stalled in the House of Representatives. There is no doubt that many residents of Southern Florida would likely benefit from a change in the nation’s immigration laws.

Deportations down in 2013

When one year ends and another begins, it is often a good idea to take a look back at the previous year.  Where immigration matters are concerned, one of the issues that many are interested in assessing is the number of deportations that occurred. The numbers are out for 2013, and as it turns out, deportations dropped last year as compared to 2012. At approximately 370,000, compared to 2012, the number is down by around 40,000. 

Court in another state admits undocumented man to state bar

In previous posts we have written about the undocumented immigrant residing in California who was seeking to practice law in that state. Though the man graduated from law school and passed the bar exam, rather than approve the application, due to the man’s immigration status, the California Supreme Court decided to review the case. That was four years ago and the man has been in limbo regarding his status as a lawyer ever since.

Florida county makes changes to undocumented immigrant detentions

Many individuals living in the Miami area are aware of the toll that the deportation of undocumented individuals can take on a family. Even before an individual is returned to the country of his or her birth, they may be torn away from loved ones and temporarily housed in jail. Though likely not the first thing that comes to mind, there is a monetary expense connected to it as well.

New Year's dawning brings only fear for Guatemalan man's family

Marco Gonzalez and his family are in tears. His fate, and he fears that of his family, hangs on a question of whether he will be forced to return to his native Guatemala while an appeal for political asylum filed in the early 1990s is considered.

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