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December 2013 Archives

Legislators ask president to stop even more deportations

Proponents of immigration reform who at one point thought there was a good chance the matter would be resolved this year have to come to terms with the reality that legislators in the nation’s capital are not going to get to it in 2013. In the meantime, deportations of individuals, who under immigration reform would potentially be able to remain in the United States, continue. In response to this situation, earlier this month 29 members of the House of Representatives requested the president suspend deportations on a grand scale. 

U-1 visa statutory cap met, qualified applicants waitlisted

The most common types of visas individuals who want to permanently reside in the United States seek are either Family-Based or Employment-Based. While these are popular routes pursued by many, they are not the only routes. Many other visas are available to those who meet certain criteria.

All businesses need to complete, maintain I-9 records

In the past we have written blog posts on the importance of employers keeping proper employment records, including clean I-9 forms.  Many of those posts have focused on situations where the workers in question were undocumented. While it is true that these employers do need to be concerned about the matter, they are not the only ones. All businesses need to properly fill out and maintain these records. The failure to do so could result in fines.

President Obama's uncle successfully battles deportation

It may seem that individuals who experience immigration issues fit a certain mold. The reality however is that individuals from a variety of backgrounds face immigration matters such as deportation. This is true in Miami as well as elsewhere in the nation. As it turns out, even relatives to the president of the United States are not exempt.

Policy change impacts undocumented family members of military

Most citizens of the United States appreciate the work members of the military do to keep them safe. Accordingly Miami area residents may be shocked to learn that until recently, undocumented family members of those in the armed forces were subject to deportation. In addition, they potentially had to leave the U.S. to obtain a visa. Last month the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced a change to that policy wherein certain family members of military personnel may be able to obtain a resident visa without leaving the country.