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October 2013 Archives

4 Haitians who survived shipwreck near Miami released by ICE

Many people from other countries are interested in residing in the United States. In some cases the route individuals take to achieve this goal involves sneaking in. It is likely that many are aware of a recent attempt at this that went awry off the coast of Miami earlier this month. A total of 15 people, including multiple individuals from Haiti, were on the overcrowded boat that left from the Bahamas. Four of those individuals, all women from Haiti, died when the boat began to sink.

Some Florida college students waiting for word on college tuition

Some individuals currently living in the Miami area are likely eagerly waiting to learn if legislators in the state will pass a law to make it possible for the children of undocumented immigrants to pay instate tuition for college. The legislation is necessary after a court ruling at the federal level rendered a year ago. The judge in that case determined that when it comes to tuition matters, it is the individual student who is relevant, not the household. More specifically, it is a violation of the student’s 14th Amendment to base the determination regarding residency on the student’s parents’ immigration status. 

Removal order not always the end of one's immigration story

For a variety of reasons Individuals from all countries seek to make their way into the United States each year. As readers based in the Miami area are likely aware, the process is not always a smooth one. A 32-year-old actor, born in Albania, knows this all too well. A year ago, the man, who came to America as a 16-year-old, was arrested and slated to be deported. Many things can change in the course of a year however and now, not only is the man still in the U.S., he even has a work visa. 

Classes available in South Florida to prep for citizenship test

As many in the Miami area are likely aware, the road to citizenship can be long and twisted. There are many steps that must be taken before someone gets to the point where he or she is ready to take the citizenship test. This test, which includes questions on matters such as United States history, congressional representative and state capitals, must be passed before one can move on to the next step in become a citizen of the U.S.

Potential investors should be aware of EB-5 scams

There are a variety of visas available for individuals seeking to reside in the United States. The availability is dependent on a variety of factors including one’s education and occupation. For example, individuals from other countries who are willing to invest a certain amount of money may be able to come to the U.S. on an EB-5 visa. Under this program, investors contribute to developments called regional centers, which are based in areas of the country that are in need of economic development. In exchange for the creation of jobs the investor may seek conditional lawful permanent residency, the conditional portion of which, may eventually be removed. When the program works as intended it is mutually beneficial.

Undocumented law school graduate seeking license makes headway

Over the course of the past few months, many people throughout the nation, likely including some in South Florida, have been paying attention to the plight of a California law school graduate who is seeking a license to practice law in that state. Though he passed the state's bar exam and was initially provided a law license, it was later taken away.

Many immigration services not impacted by government shutdown

Throughout the nation individuals are dealing with the shutdown of the federal government. While some of the repercussions are a nuisance, such as the closure of national parks, others can have a more serious impact on the lives of individuals living in the United States. It is likely that some individuals residing in South Florida are wondering how the government shutdown will impact their immigration matter. The answer depends on the nature of the immigration matter.

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