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Study indicates immigration could aid nation's economy

When it comes to the immigration issue currently gripping the United States, those who are seeking authorization to live and work in the country are certainly interested in immigration reform coming to fruition. They are not the only ones who could benefit from changes to immigration laws in the U.S. however. It is possible that a change in the immigration laws could benefit individuals throughout the nation, including the Miami area.

A report recently released by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas and the Partnership for a New American Economy, supports this contention. It asserts that residents of the U.S. who were born in other countries are greatly contributing to the revival of financially struggling communities throughout the nation. In addition to raising the price of homes the report indicates they also are having an impact on job growth. The study focused on the economy of more than 3,000 counties over a 40 year period, beginning in 1970.

The job growth is largely concentrated in the field of manufacturing. In certain communities, immigrant populations have provided businesses with sought-after skills that make it possible for a business to keep jobs in the U.S., rather than outsource them to workers in other nations. According to the director of the Partnership for a New American Economy, 46 jobs in the manufacturing sector are created for every 1,000 immigrants that reside in a particular county.

Of course, immigrants working in these manufacturing jobs need a place to live, necessitating housing for both the workers and their families. In addition, the presence of immigrants in a community also spurs others to move into the area. According to the director of policy at the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, 270 native born people move into an area of the country for every 1,000 immigrants who relocate there. A growing community such as this needs certain services to thrive. This paves the way for other businesses to grow.

As the nation waits to for legislators to work through the proposed changes to U.S. immigration laws, there are steps that those seeking a change in status could take. Consulting an immigration lawyer is the best place to start.

Source: CBS News, “Can immigration speed the economic recovery?” Alain Sherter, Sept. 12, 2013

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