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Priority date current for green card holders seeking F-2A visas

As individuals in the Miami area who have applied for certain visas are likely aware, the wait can be a long one. Depending on one’s situation, in some cases individuals have been waiting for decades. Because of this, information found in the United States Department of State Visa Bulletin for August 2013, is of great interest to at least some of the people awaiting permission to enter the U.S. The bulletin indicates that petitioners in possession of green cards who are seeking visas for children or spouses should take action immediately. This is because the priority date for individuals seeking these F-2A visas is current.

The priority date is not expected to remain at this status for long. Depending on how many individuals apply for the visas however, it is possible that in addition to August it will remain current through the month of September as well. This makes it imperative that those holding green cards who want a spouse or child join them in the U.S., work quickly. Because of a change in the priority policy, under which petitioners in possession of green cards are now treated the same as those who are citizens of the U.S., once the proper steps are taken, likely with the assistance of an immigration attorney, children and spouses of those individuals could find themselves on the way to America very soon.

Since the wait for visas in these situations is generally between one and four years, there are likely many wondering what has prompted the sudden change. According to the US Department of State, the change is part of an effort to increase the level of demand for the F-2A visas. Once that demand is increased, the priority date is expected to change from current.

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