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July 2013 Archives

Miami-Dade County attorney makes ruling on federal detainers

For several years now, the use of detainers against undocumented immigrants by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in South Florida and beyond has been controversial. Essentially, these hold requests are made by the federal government to keep undocumented individuals in detention after being arrested.

Workers seeking same treatment as students regarding deportations

To many individuals who have called the United States home for some time, the fear of deportation is all too real. These individuals have made a life for themselves in cities such as Miami, establishing roots doing things such as securing jobs. While immigration reform is being hashed out in the nation’s capital, immigration sweeps of workplaces continue to occur.

Florida would likely greatly benefit from immigration overhaul

As Miami residents enjoy summer, the immigration debate at our nation’s capital drags on. With so much at stake for so many, there is great interest throughout the country concerning how the matter will be resolved. While undocumented individuals are of course very interested in the outcome of the legislation, so too are many states throughout the nation. This is because of the economic benefits they stand to take advantage of should the overhaul be successful.

USCIS recognizes competitive gamers as pro atheletes

While many individuals throughout the world would like to reside in the United States permanently, perhaps in the Miami area, others are interested in being in the US for a shorter period of time. These individuals may be able to do so via a temporary visa and are likely not aware of the many ways in which this goal may be attained.

Where does the U.S. citizenship application fee go?

In the past we have written posts that touch upon why eligible individuals choose to not seek to become citizens of the United States. Regular readers may remember that one of those reasons is a lack of the finances necessary to complete the process. It currently costs $680 to apply to become a naturalized citizen. It is likely that many are curious about where that money actually goes once it is collected. In today’s post we will explore that issue.

U.S. companies seek alternate ways to obtain tech workers

There are many different types of employers located throughout the nation that would benefit from a change in immigration laws. While a wide variety of industries, including some based in the Miami area, need foreign workers to make their businesses successful, one group in particular appears to be hit particularly hard. This group works in technology. The industry is in dire need for workers with a technical background and individuals born in the United States do not appear to fulfill that need.

Supreme Court DOMA decision impacts immigration laws

Supreme Court rulings can have a far reaching impact upon individuals living throughout the country, not just those whose case is being reviewed. This is illustrated by one of the decisions rendered last week. The court’s ruling that a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act, commonly referred to as DOMA, was unconstitutional was a welcome decision for same-sex couples throughout the nation. The decision means that same-sex couples who were married in states in which such unions are legal are eligible to receive certain federal benefits to which heterosexual couples are entitled. Some of those rights could affect immigration matters as well.

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