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Will deportations of young people resume after House vote?

As the immigration legislation works its way through the United States' Congress, the House is taking action regarding immigration that is newsworthy as well. Last week it voted to begin deporting young undocumented immigrants living throughout the nation, including in South Florida. The idea behind the vote is that it will undo the order that President Obama issued a year ago this month regarding deferred deportation.

Many young people in the Miami area were likely previously excited to learn that they met the requirements laid out in the president’s immigration order. To meet the requirements they must have been brought to the country before the age of 16 and not have a criminal record. In addition, they must either be in the military, enrolled in, or graduated from high school. To be eligible they also cannot be older that 31-years-old.

While news of this vote, which was along party lines, may have been disturbing to those it is geared toward, they likely do not have to worry about it coming to fruition. This is because it is fairly well known that such legislation would not be allowed to succeed under the current administration.

As this vote highlights, while there are of course many throughout the nation who are eagerly awaiting immigration reform that would provide a road to citizenship to many so-called "dreamers," not everyone is so enthused. A vote such as the one passed in the House does not stop undocumented residents from seeking ways to become citizens of the U.S. however.

Source: FOX News, "House votes to resume deporting young DREAM Act immigrants," Associated Press, June 6, 2013