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June 2013 Archives

Citizenship within reach for some permanent residents of U.S.

All residents of the Miami area are probably aware that immigration matters are complex. Accordingly, it is likely not surprising that many people do not understand how the system works. This is not limited to those whose ancestors have been in the United States for generations. Even those who are immigrants usually need assistance and education regarding the immigration laws that are often changing.

Agreement on border security reportedly reached

It is likely that those who are interested in immigration matters in the United States have been paying close attention to the immigration legislation currently being discussed by the Senate, a component of which is a clear path to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants. A complex, even sometimes divisive issue, the immigration bill has not had a clear path. Certain aspects have particularly proven to be contentious, such as those concerning the security of the nation's borders. Some lawmakers apparently felt that there was not enough security being offered. 

Supreme Court determines state voter law violates federal law

This time of year, many anxiously await the United States Supreme Court's rulings on cases covering a wide range of legal topics. This year one of the cases the court heard concerns U.S. immigration matters. Though the case was based in another state, the decision is likely of interest to many throughout the nation including the Miami area.

Will deportations of young people resume after House vote?

As the immigration legislation works its way through the United States' Congress, the House is taking action regarding immigration that is newsworthy as well. Last week it voted to begin deporting young undocumented immigrants living throughout the nation, including in South Florida. The idea behind the vote is that it will undo the order that President Obama issued a year ago this month regarding deferred deportation.

Immigration lawyers may be of assistance in I-9 compliance issues

Miami area businesses are all likely aware of the importance of maintaining I-9 forms to demonstrate its employees' ability to legally be employed in the United States. The proper maintenance of these forms is enforced by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency. ICE may perform audits to make sure the Department of Homeland Security's rules regarding hiring undocumented workers are being followed. The violation of such rules can lead to fines. Depending on the circumstances criminal charges may be levied as well.

Florida law providing temporary license to some immigrants vetoed

While as of late, much attention has been given to the immigration bill being considered by legislators at the national level, news on the immigration front continues to develop closer to home as well. Many residents of South Florida were likely unhappy to learn about Governor Rick Scott's recent veto of a state bill concerning the issuance of driver's licenses to the children of undocumented immigrants. The bill, which would have made it possible for these individuals to seek a temporary driver's license for at least the period of one year, had previously been passed by the state legislature with overwhelming support. Only two individuals voted against it.

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