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Deportation of Miami man halted hours before it was to happen

For individuals living in the Miami area who entered the United States without authorization, the threat of deportation currently looms over many of their heads. For undocumented immigrants this means a simple traffic stop could become a life changing event. A family in North Miami is currently dealing with that reality.

The head of a family was arrested several months ago when a traffic stop led to the determination that the man had previously been deported and was not supposed to be in the country. Since being taken into custody to be deported again, the father of four's family has been trying to figure out what to do. Less than 8-hours before the scheduled deportation time the man received a reprieve after his 18-year-old son told a state representative what was going on.

Against the odds, that representative was able to work with several others to stop the deportation, at least for a few days. While the man was not deported that day, it is not clear what his future will hold. Presumably now, his family is working with an immigration lawyer to try to find a way to keep him in the country, with his family, long-term.

There are of course many people residing in South Florida as well as throughout the nation who are facing this situation. Being unsure if a life changing deportation is around the corner, can be stressful. While many wait for the immigration overhaul to be worked through, it is possible that an attorney who handles such matters could provide possible options to pursue.

Source: Miami Herald, "How Rep. Frederica Wilson spared dad of four from 4 a.m. deportation," Marc Caputo, May 14, 2013