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Man faces deportation after traffic incident

In a national story, a soccer coach is running out of time. He is in the process of trying to avoid deportation as his family pleads with immigration not to send him away.

The man was arrested in August 2010 when because his driver's license had expired and was not valid. Nevertheless, his son explains, "My dad has done nothing bad; he was just driving without a license like thousands of Hispanics do in this city."

The man has been in North Carolina for over one decade and has never had any run-ins with authorities. He has been an active participant in his community. For example, he trains little league soccer and has volunteered for the Boy Scouts. The man has until the end of April 2013 for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to delay the deportation.

The former coach was taken to jail and sent to an immigration center. Fortunately, his family subsequently posted his $5,000 bail.

The coach is just one of 14,000 immigrants who gone through the deportation process in his county over the past seven years. Most incidents have evolved from traffic infractions.

According to a coordinator of an immigration-based organization, a chance remains for the soccer coach. Hopefully, her optimism will prove true. Without strong legal assistance, the man faces separation from his loving family.

If you or a family member is facing deportation charges, you may want to pursue the help of a qualified immigration attorney. Your future needs support and guidance from trusted legal experts.

Source: Hispanically Speaking News, "Girl Pleads With Immigration to Allow Grandfather to Stay in US," April 10, 2013

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