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EB-5 investor visas appealing to natives of Brazil

Individuals throughout the world are interested in securing permanent residency in Miami and other locations in the United States. In the past we have written about one way that may be obtained-via an EB-5 investor visa. These visas are potentially available for investors from foreign countries who are willing to provide $500,000 to a business that has been approved by the federal government. The U.S. government will only approve such projects that provide a certain number of jobs to area residents.

While individuals native to countries throughout the world are eligible to apply for the business visas, and many have, one particular group seems to have growing interest in EB-5 projects located in Miami. These individuals are native to Brazil.

Regular readers of this blog may already be aware of the sizable presence of Brazilians in Miami and South Florida. When the bottom fell out of the real estate market in the area several years ago, many Brazilian purchasers were there to buy available high end properties either as permanent residences or more frequently, for use while on vacation.

Anyone who is interested in pursuing an EB-5 investor visa should contact an immigration lawyer sooner rather than later. There are multiple requirements that must be met before being approved for this type of visa including the verification of the source of funds to be invested and the selection of a regional center. Also, while the EB-5 visa provides the opportunity to provide a green card, it does not guarantee it. As is the case in all immigration matters, it can be complicated.

Source: Emigrate.co.uk, "Brazilian Nationals have Increasing Interest in the EB-5 Green Card Investor Program," March 8, 2013

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