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January 2013 Archives

President Obama outlines immigration plan

Earlier this month we wrote about the overhaul of the immigration system expected to take place this year. This past Monday, senators from both the Democratic and Republican parties announced the plan they had developed together. Noting that he and the senate appear to be on the same track, President Obama revealed the much anticipated details to his plan the following day, at a high school, in Las Vegas.

Immigration reform would likely be beneficial to Florida businesses

It is likely that many people in the state of Florida think about immigration reform in the context of it being beneficial to individuals who at some point entered the United States to live, without proper documentation. While it would undoubtedly have a positive impact for those individuals, it could also have a positive impact for businesses in the state as well.

Immigration legislation appears to be on the near horizon

Last year many undocumented immigrants were happily surprised when President Obama signed an executive order that provided a way for young individuals, who meet certain requirements, to remain in the country without fear of deportation for a period of two years. If recent news reports are correct, the deferred action move was just the beginning.

Miami undocumented immigrants could benefit from new rule

While undocumented immigrants can be found throughout the nation there are certainly a fair number in the Miami area. Individuals seeking to change their immigration status will be happy to hear about the recent announcement made by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The announcement changes the current law regarding where applicants need to reside while waiting to learn if their application is accepted.

Census indicates growth in Florida due to immigration

With the completion of forms for the most recent census still fresh in many peoples' minds, numbers are beginning to be released. Last month the U.S. Census released population growth numbers and the state of Florida continues to be in the top five throughout the country where population is concerned. In total, since 2010, its population grew by 235,000.