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Many deportees are part of mixed status families

There is a fair amount of discussion throughout the nation including the Miami area about the deportation of individuals who entered the United States at some point without authorization. In many circles however, that is where the conversation stops. But just who are the people who are actually facing that process?

According to information recently released by a news site called Colorlines, approximately 25 percent of deportations conducted between the beginning of July 2010 and the end of September of this year, involved parents of children who are citizens of the U.S. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security puts that number at 204,810. Because not every individual who is deported tells the authorities about their children, in theory that number could be even higher.

The Pew Center for research indicates that it is fairly common for families to be made up of individuals with mixed immigration statuses. In 2008 that number grew to 4 million. The stress of the possibility that a family member can be deported at any time, leaving others behind, can make it difficult for individuals to feel settled despite their own authorized status. As most can imagine, this is especially true when the person being deported is a parent. When this happens it is possible that young children can be left behind.

The pressure is mounting for the federal government to undertake immigration reform. If completed it is unclear just what the final result would be. It would however, most likely have some impact on mixed status families.

Source: ABC News, "A Quarter of Deportations Are of Parents of U.S. Citizens," Ted Hesson, Dec. 17, 2012

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