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December 2012 Archives

Health reforms will impact Florida's undocumented immigrants

Many individuals in the United States have been living without health insurance. Undocumented immigrants are not an exception. The changes made to the health care system in the recent reforms included in the Affordable Care Act will definitely have an impact on many Florida residents. The undocumented immigrants residing in the state will likely not be a part of that group however.

Many deportees are part of mixed status families

There is a fair amount of discussion throughout the nation including the Miami area about the deportation of individuals who entered the United States at some point without authorization. In many circles however, that is where the conversation stops. But just who are the people who are actually facing that process?

HB 11 poised to codify in-state tuition court decision

This past fall we wrote about a decision from the Federal District Court in Miami regarding the amount of tuition that should be paid by individuals who were born in the United States but whose parents are undocumented immigrants. The decision found certain regulations previously adopted by the state of Florida unconstitutional. One of those regulations pertained to the requirement that these children pay out-of-state rates despite having been born in the country and lived in the state for some time. The court decision achieved a goal that Florida's legislature had previously been unable to.

Applications for deportation protection lower than anticipated

Since this past August when applications began to be accepted, many undocumented immigrants throughout the nation, including in Miami, have applied for deferred action under the Executive Order issued by President Obama. Thus far, a total of 309,000 have applied for the deportation protection and 53,000 have obtained approval. The number of applicants is much lower than the Migration Policy Institute estimated would apply. About 75 percent lower to be exact. It estimates that 1.26 million people are eligible for the protection.