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November 2012 Archives

Will changes make it easier for entrepreneurs to enter U.S.?

Individuals from other countries with expertise in fields considered high-tech who are interested in working in the United States may want to take note. Earlier this week the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Director indicated that changes are underway regarding the way business visa applications such as H-1B visas as well as temporary employment visas for occupations considered to be "specialty" are processed.

Man with green card stuck in immigration lock-up

Many undocumented immigrants throughout the nation dream of obtaining a green card that would allow them to live and work in the United States without fear of being deported due to their status. It is likely that there are some individuals in Miami who can identify with this sentiment. What many may not realize is that the green card does not always prevent a deportation action from occurring.

Obtaining entry into the US via EB-5 visas

There are many individuals throughout the Miami area from other countries who as seeking authorized entry into the United States and citizenship. Anyone who has faced this challenge likely knows there are multiple ways in which this may be accomplished. One of those ways is through an EB-5 visa. Though not the best fit for everyone, for some individuals it is a good avenue to pursue.

Update on tuition ruling by Federal District Court in Miami

Earlier this fall we wrote a post on a decision rendered by the Federal District Court in Miami. The court ruled that state regulations denying some benefits to the children of undocumented immigrants based on the status of their parents, is unconstitutional. They were found to violate the Constitution's 14th Amendment, "equal protection" clause.

Can decision in Padilla v. Kentucky be retroactively applied?

For many undocumented immigrants living in the United States, one of the scariest possibilities is being deported to the country of their birth. These deportations can arise in many different situations that all may not be aware of.