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May 2012 Archives

Court rules parent's residence not relevant to deportation case

For those throughout the country who are interested in immigration issues, all eyes are on the Supreme Court waiting for its ruling on Arizona's controversial immigration law. The ruling on that case will likely be handed down sometime next month. In the meantime however, the court has issued a ruling in another, lesser known, immigration case. That case has to do with the deportation of the children of immigrants.

S&P report indicates immigration does not harm economies

The issue of immigration in the United States is complex. Residents of cities throughout the nation, including Miami, Florida, have their own take on why or why not the current status of U.S. immigration law is an issue. One reason often provided against immigration is the financial burden communities that are home to significant immigrant populations reportedly feel. According to Standard & Poor's, well known issuer of credit ratings, there may be more to this than first meets the eye.

Secure Communities program changes to reduce deportations

On the topic of immigration, the current administration has articulated a focus on deporting convicted criminals who are in the United States without authorization, rather than those who are otherwise adhering to the laws of the land. This U.S. immigration law policy has been illustrated in several sweeps held in locations throughout the nation including Miami, called Operation Cross Check.

Some individuals seeking to obtain green card endure long wait

Individuals from countries throughout the world are interested in coming to the United States to live in places like Miami. There are of course multiple ways this can be accomplished legally. One of those ways is through family-based immigration. Depending on the country one is seeking to immigrate from, the wait time can vary widely.