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March 2012 Archives

Some Syrians may be granted Temporary Protected Status

As many in the Miami area are aware, at the end of 2010, what is known as the Arab Spring began when residents of a couple Arab countries began to wage protests and staged demonstrations seeking revolutions. Since then, the movement has spread to numerous other countries. This movement has left many residents of the affected countries in danger of losing their lives. Syria is one of the countries currently in this position.

Wealthy Chinese seeking to create life in U.S. and Europe

In recent years China has enjoyed a period of great economic growth. This growth has made a small percentage of the country's residents quite wealthy, living a life that many envy. Despite living the good life, some of these people are pursuing a life outside of China via immigration to either the United States or countries in Europe.

South Florida hoping to attract more medical tourists

Most people are probably aware that there are citizens of the United States who leave the country to obtain cheaper medical care. People may not be aware however that more and more often, citizens of other countries are seeking medical treatment in the U.S. Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida are two areas that are reaping the rewards of the temporary visitors who are sometimes called medical tourists.

Miami valedictorian can stay in country, for now

In an earlier post we wrote about efforts of many to pass the Dream Act. The passage of the act would provide temporary residence in the U.S. to many individuals who despite not being born in the country, have grown up and attended schools in states like Florida and throughout the country. The act would benefit young people such as the 18-year-old Miami resident who has recently been in the news due to the news of her impending deportation.

Alabama's immigration law remains as is for now

Earlier this year, Alabama was one of several states to adopt a stricter immigration law. Among other things, the law makes it possible for law enforcement to look into the immigration status of anyone who has been pulled over or is being arrested. Anyone who is in the United States legally must carry proof of it constantly.