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October 2011 Archives

Florida farmers watching the fallout of Alabama immigration law

Throughout the state of Florida, farms rely on Hispanic workers to ensure their crops are picked in a timely manner. These workers enable farmers to get their crops to market before they spoil and make a living. According to one state representative, close to 80 percent of the workers in the agricultural field are Hispanic. Current immigration laws in the state make this possible.

Class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Florida students

Throughout Miami, and the state of Florida, recent high school graduates look forward to furthering their educations by going to college. Though many of these Florida-born individuals are armed with their high school diploma, state driver's license and voter's registration card, they are being told that if they want to attend college they will have pay the much higher out-of-state tuition rate. The reason being cited is that one or both of their parents are illegal immigrants or not in the U.S. legally.

Immigrants with criminal convictions detained in Florida

Last week U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced the results of weeklong operation designed to detain foreign nationals with criminal convictions. This is the first time an operation spanning the entire nation such as this was limited to those with a criminal conviction on their record. The operation called Cross Check resulted in 2,901 arrests. It was a collaborative effort of ICE agents and city and state police officers, including those in Florida.