Are You A Student And Need Immigration Help?

International students bring unique perspectives to the United States. Cultural exchanges also enhance teaching, research and learning in the university setting. These exchange programs are mutually beneficial and enriching for students as well as the host countries. However, sometimes immigration issues or opportunities such as investments arise and you need a lawyer to help sort out your options.

Customized Solutions For Students

Every immigration case has unique issues. That is why we provide customized solutions to meet your immigration needs. Please contact our South Florida office to find out how we help students with immigration issues. We offer a complimentary initial office consultation. Call us at 305-358-1500.

The immigration attorneys at Weiss, Alden & Polo, P.A., have assisted many international students with immigration issues. We can help you at any point in your process of coming to the United States or if you have a problem in customs or while you are studying here or after you graduate.

Visa Options Available For Students

For assistance in choosing the best route in seeking a student visa, speak with an experienced attorney about your needs. Here are a few visa options available to students.

  • J-1 — These visas are primarily used for exchange programs.
  • F-1 — These are for individuals seeking to pursue education the U.S. such as:
    • Private school for kindergarten through grade 12
    • College and university programs for those seeking an associate degree, bachelor's degree, doctorate, law degree or medical degree
    • Culinary school
    • Art institutions
    • English language school
  • M-1 — These visas apply to students in vocational programs such as aviation flight training. If you are seeking to attend a specific vocational program, an M-1 visa may be your best option.

We also assist students with family abroad and in discussing family immigration options.

Get A Complimentary Office Consultation

The student immigration lawyers at Weiss, Alden & Polo, P.A., help students with immigration issues. Call our South Florida office in Miami-Dade County to schedule your complimentary appointment at 305-358-1500. You can also email the firm to request an appointment.