Miami Permanent and Temporary Labor Certification Attorneys

Permanent and Temporary Labor Certification

If you wish to work in the U.S. or hire a worker from outside the U.S., you may have to prove that no American worker is available, able, willing or qualified to perform the job and then you may need to:

  • Acquire Labor Certification through the U.S. Department of Labor
  • File a Petition through USCIS
  • File an Application for Adjustment of Status in the U.S. or Process abroad at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate

Do you wish to work in the U.S. temporarily or permanently? Does your business need to hire an overseas worker or workers? Our lawyers have handled hundreds of cases involving:

  • Temporary workers including seasonal employees for hotels, resorts, country clubs or summer camps
  • Permanent skilled workers in fields such as engineering, computer science, information technology and other hard-to-find professional positions

Immigration laws pertaining to working in the U.S. either permanently or temporarily have never been more complex and challenging. For answers to your immigration law questions and for diligent, effective and vigorous legal representation, please contact the attorneys at our firm.

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