What Immigration Challenges Is Your Company Facing?

Are you trying to hire an executive, manager or other foreign worker? Do you need to transfer workers from abroad to the U.S.? Does your company need to hire an architect, engineer, lawyer, accountant, financial analyst, system analyst or other professional from another country? Multinational companies face serious immigration challenges when trying to hire employees from abroad.

The United States government limits the number of skilled workers who can work in the U.S. from other countries each year, making it important that you obtain effective legal assistance when pursuing crucial staffing goals. The experienced attorneys at Weiss, Alden & Polo, P.A., can help your company with your immigration needs. We are based in South Florida, but work with clients worldwide. We also assist business investors with their unique visa requirements. We can help with all of your corporate immigration needs.

Customized Immigration Services To Meet Your Resource Needs

Your international business is unique. We know this, so we provide customized solutions for each client. We will listen to your needs and tailor a solution that will work for you.

We represent companies ranging in size from startups to large multinational corporations. Our attorneys can help solve your unique issues involving:

  • Company transfers
  • Temporary workers
  • Executives or managers
  • Professionals
  • Skilled workers

Businesses Rely On Our Experience

Since 1976, our immigration lawyers have assisted clients in handling all aspects of their immigration needs. We can help you with your firm's immigration-related employment issues, including the following services:

  • Evaluate a potential employee to see if he/she is eligible for employment from an immigration standpoint
  • Advise you regarding prevailing wages
  • Prepare all immigration documents
  • Complete all filings to allow you to employ a foreign national

Changing Times Make Legal Knowledge Key To Success

The Department of Homeland Security has recently substantially increased the enforcement of immigration laws pertaining to businesses and corporations and the hiring of foreign workers. Homeland Security may seek to verify information through on-site visits with your human resource personnel, management and staff, the foreign worker or corporate counsel, and review of payroll and employee records.

Our attorneys stay abreast of changes in the immigration laws and are aware of news that could affect your company's case. We focus only on immigration law and that means we stay on top of what you need to succeed in immigration cases.

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